Apprentice Program

The Dream Come True K9 Apprentice Program provides not only an inside look at behavioral training but also a detailed look into the business realm. We tailor the days or entire week based on the goals an apprentice is looking to get out of the program. 

apprenticeship with Dogs

Apprentice Program Rate:

Monday - Sunday: $2,950 or Per day: $425

As an apprentice, it's important to spend time with Blake and our team of trainers to be exposed to different training styles and how specific ways details of training are explained. You'll experience everything from the foundations, group classes, private sessions, remote collar training, incoming and outgoing board and train dogs,  the importance of use of food, communication and relationship building and development, and real world training in the big city.

Blake also travels to private clients worldwide and offers Dog Training Seminars nationwide. Please inquire for more details.

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