Apprentice Program

The apprentice program provides not only an inside look at behavioral training but also a personal look into the business realm. Apprentice's will learn every day business operations and how day to day operations are handled on every level.

apprenticeship with Dogs

Apprentice Program Rate:

Monday - Sunday: $2,950 or Per day: $425

As an apprentice, it's important to spend time with the DCTK9 dog walkers, to get a feel of the NYC fast paced life and distractions that occur everyday for the dog packs and walkers. The apprentice will also experience dog behavioral training consultations, remote collar training, incoming and outgoing boot camp conditioning dogs,  use of food, communication and relationship introduction and development, real world training in the big city, and in home training sessions.

Blake also travels for Dog Training Seminars nationwide. So, if you're interested in bringing your dog to learn more about how to address specific dog behavior and learn techniques with tools, you may be interested in those.