Dog Walking

60 minutes : $35  30 minutes : $25

Our professionally trained and carefully hand-picked dog walking staff provides exercise, structure, fun and safety along the walks. Our knowledge of real world dog training and obedience is always applied to ensure both physical and mental stimulation for your dog to go back home feeling fulfilled and relaxed. We strive to make sure that the owners are comforted and the dog's are exercised, relaxed and having fun. 

Meet The DCTK9 Dog Walkers

See some of our DCTK9 Dog Walking Crew

The dog walkers at DCTK9 primarily cover areas in Manhattan; including but not limited to, The Lower East Side, East Village, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Central Park, Soho, Noho, West Village, Tribeca, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. If you happen to be outside our location services, we've partnered with The Barking Meter so you don't miss out on any walks!

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