About Dream Come True K9

Since 2011, DCTK9 has provided dog training and dog walking in NYC and nationwide. DCTK9 provides assistance to dog owners ranging from everyday struggles to severe dog behavioral challenges. Our overall goal is to create a genuine communication and understanding within the human dog relationship. All dogs deserve a chance and we provide training for any dog, any breed, any size and any problem!

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Meet the Owner - Blake Rodriguez

As a native of New York City, CEO and Founder, Blake Rodriguez was no stranger to the struggles that dog owners in New York City faced. Realizing these challenges, he sought out to help dogs and their owners by founding Dream Come True K9, LLC (DCTK9). Our elite dog training staff has helped rehabilitate hundreds of dogs for anxiety, aggression, leash pulling, biting, puppy behavior, potty training, bratty behavior and much more. We take pride in the work we do and love helping dogs and their owners change their lives for the better!

Meet the Team