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Since 2011, DCTK9 has provided dog training and dog walking in NYC and nationwide. DCTK9 provides assistance to dog owners ranging from everyday struggles to severe dog behavioral challenges. Our overall goal is to create a genuine communication and understanding within the human dog relationship. All dogs deserve a chance and we provide training for any dog, any breed, any size and any problem!

Blake Rodriguez,  owner and Founder of Dream Come True K9 (DCTK9) a Manhattan, NY native is a world renowned dog behavior specialist and mentor known for his unique ability to successfully rehabilitate extreme dog behavior cases, while also providing a common sense approach to training for his clients. Blake has had a long time compassion for dogs and in the early years of his career, he and his infamous dog Soco, attracted attention in the local dog parks with how well behaved Soco was. As Blake started gaining recognition from NYC residents, they began asking him to walk their dogs that had behavioral issues. Blake took this as an opportunity to work with these dogs and quickly became known for walking a large numbers of dogs in a pack that once all had severe issues, to walk harmoniously all together. Blake's skills and natural training ability and to "speak" the language of dogs has helped transform dog's behaviors all over New York. In 2011, Blake wanted to be able to help as many dogs as he could, and from there was born, Dream Come True K9, LLC. As Blake's services became more widespread, he started building a team to cover his dog walking pack, so he could focus on dog training. In 2015 Blake opened his first brick and mortar in Manahattan's lower east side neighborhood.

Blake is a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals and in 2016 was asked to be a presenter at the California conference. Blake has also made appearances on TruTV as a Dog Behavior expert for an episode of World's Greatest Pets and has trained dogs for numerous roles in shows such as The Investigation Discovery Channel.

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