I have no words to describe how thankful I am to have Blake and the Dream Team in our corner. Before I brought Buddy, my one year old pit bull, I could not get halfway down the block without him redirecting at the leash and eventually at me; along with other anxiety issues. The transformation is unbelievable. Blake sets up his clients for success and trains not only the dogs, but the owners as well in continuing the training at home. The knowledge and patience that they have, not only for the dogs but for us as owners, is remarkable and I condemn them for that; because lets face it I’m sure as owners we are more of a handful than our pets! =]. With that being said, I highly recommend Blake and the staff at Dream Come True K9 to help you and your pet. Trust me you will not be disappointed.
— Kristen G.
Blake taught us how to walk our dog, how to correct our dog’s bad behavior and encourage him to “make the right choice” by showing us - and Elliot - the tools necessary to change his behavior.

— Amelia, NYC
German Shepherd in New York City
Sent our 10 month old, fear aggressive shepherd to DCTK9 over a year ago. Trainers we contacted would not work with him. Others who tried said he had a chemical imbalance - send him back to breeder or put him down. Blake and his team were able to see past the smog of his anxiety to an intelligent goofball who needed consistency. They will love your dog, regardless of history, set him/her up for success, and train you, the owner. Never planned to learn so much about dog behavior, but now that I do, I highly recommend sending all puppies/dogs to DCTK9. You will not regret it.
— Therese R.
I have used DCTK9’s services both for training & boarding for my dog. It took me a while to find a place & team I can trust to take care of my dog while away but I finally did and can travel without worrying. My dog gets exercise, socializes with other dogs and benefits from a little refresher on his training whenever necessary. Plus I get to see his photos/videos as well. I highly recommend Blake & his team at DCTk9. Just know that in order for them to board your dog, it needs to have attended one their training programs.
— Atossa A.
I would recommend Blake to anyone that needs help with their dog, period. This man is a miracle worker and I can say that he has been able to transform my dog’s stressful and fear filled life into that of a well-balanced companion
— Jim D.
All dog breeds trained at DCTK9
K9 Dream Come True was one of the best things that could have happened to me , my husband, and my dog. We adopted our dog, Lucy, three years ago when we were living in Denver. At about two years old, she started being very aggressive towards other dogs. We moved to NYC one year ago and her behavior became exponentially worse. She began lunging and nipping at any dog that would walk past us and she had extreme anxiety - crying, whining, shedding, growling, etc.

We started a 5 week course with Blake in hopes that we would get her aggression somewhat under control - or at the least, we could learn how to deal with it in our lives. I never expected that she would completely change for the better.

Blake and team taught us how we needed to be consistent and be in control. Once she knew that we would protect her, she could relax and not protect herself. We learned exercises that we do daily to keep her training moving in the right direction. We also bring Lucy to train and play once a week so that she can continue learning and socializing with dogs in a controlled environment.

She’s become the dog that we wanted her to be. She has calmed down and her anxiety has decreased significantly. She also listens so much better and is the perfect walker.

The team at K9 Dream Come True are brilliant and highly skilled trainers - the best i’ve ever come by. Every penny we’ve spent with them has been worth it and I’m so thankful.

If you have any problems with your dog or want to get your dog started off on the right foot, I highly recommend meeting with the owner, Blake. We are happier little family thanks to him.
— Allison L.
Board and Train dogs outside
I cannot explain how happy we are with Dream Come True K9. Blake and his team have helped our pup, Maggie, an English Bulldog, way beyond our expectations. Before coming to DCTK9, Maggie would barely take two steps down the block. Within an hour of working with Blake, she was trotting around the LES happy as a clam; and now we are able to take her on 2+ mile walks with no issues whatsoever. They have taken the time and care to train Maggie but also to train us to be able to train her! The holistic methods they use are incredible; having watched the transformation of other more reactive and aggressive dogs through their IG and FB pages as well as in person, I can say they perform miracles that other dog trainers can only dream of accomplishing (and many of whom would never take on the dogs that DCTK9 does and have the same success with). Blake’s mantra of real world obedience is so simple but so effective for having a fulfilling and fun life with your dog. I can’t wait to see what else we accomplish with Maggie in the future with Blake and the DCTK9 team. They have truly change our lives for the better and we owe them a huge amount of gratitude for helping us with Maggie, the energizer bunny of English Bulldogs.
— Anne D.
Blake is the NYC Dog Whisperer! He is amazing, smart, patient with people, and truly speaks dog. He helped me with my difficult puppy after other trainers failed. I am so happy to have met him! Everyone with a dog should have Blake help them make their relationship with their dog as fabulous as mine is now!
— Priya C.
DCTK9 is the best there is for dog owners in LES. I’ve been using their services for over two years now and me and my four legged son are very happy. Not only are we customers but more importantly we are part of the DCTK9 family.
— Elena R.
“Dctk9 was the best thing that happened for our Pit bull and ourselves. The classes are small and comfortable and there is a lot of hands on training.
— Daniel D.
We couldn’t be happier with Blake & his team! They are wonderful, they love the dogs and the dogs love them!
— Eva L.
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