Socialization Classes

Socialization classes provide a unique opportunity for dogs and their owners to experience a dog park like environment with structure and balance. Dogs thrive under the right guidance. They need someone who knows what they’re doing to correct and advocate for them when necessary. It doesn’t matter whether you have a dog who is fearful, aggressive, or happy-go-lucky, he or she can only learn through receiving feedback. Because you can’t rely on everyone agreeing on the right way to tackle this task at a dog park or daycare, we have developed pack socialization classes where both dogs and their owners can feel safe in a controlled environment while also learning the proper ways to interact. They provide a dog park type of environment but include the structure required to help dogs reach their full potential.

These classes work because they utilize the principles necessary to increase owners’ relevance to their dogs. They teach the dogs to rely on and trust their owners when in tricky situations. This is so important. A fearful dog who can depend on his owner to handle any nuisance behavior from others is more likely to come out of his shell and take a risk on relaxing and having fun; and an aggressive dog who has learned from her owner not to escalate her excitement into fights can play without anxiety. Confidence increases from both sides, and the dog-owner bond gets stronger.

Socialization Classes

To be eligible for Socialization Classes, you must have completed a training service with us prior. The classes will last one hour and will include the dog, owner and two DCTK9 staff members.

Socialization Single Class: $45

Socialization 5 Classes: $200

Socialization 10 Classes: $375


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