Understanding K9 Behavior with Blake Rodriguez and Tyler Muto


Location: Lockport, New York

Date: June 13th - 16th, 2019

Working Spot: $1,750 and Spectator Spot: $1,500

Facility: Cornell University Cooperative Extension

Understanding K9 Behavior Seminar Videos

What You Can Expect to Cover at UKB Seminars

  • Understanding dog behavior; body language, cues and signs

  • Relationship development and communication

  • Overview of commonly used tools; Clickers to Remote Collars and everything in-between

  • How to create trusting and reliable behavior indoors and outdoors

  • Off-Leash reliability and Recall

  • Guidance, direction, correction, communication; Differences and similarities

  • Reward, praise, and affection; What, when, why and how

  • Assessing, addressing and resolving behavior problems, habits and fixations of all sorts

  • How to properly expose/socialize your dog and teach it how to co exist throughout distracting situations

  • Resolving issues versus masking them

  • Real Time Critiquing for in the moment situations

  • Hands on examples and coaching with commonly overlooked (in the moment) nuances that can make all the difference

  • The power of visualization and energy awareness

  • Importance of the walk and structured guidelines and strategies that will allow your dog to be included in your lives and everyday activities

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