Treadmill Sessions

Pitbull Puppy on Treadmill

We believe a tired dog is a happy dog and utilize dog treadmills as an additional mental and physical exercise. The treadmill should never take place of regular walks, but it is a great addition.

Introducing your dog to the treadmill might not be easy on your own, but our trainers are here to help make it a good first experience. The treadmills offer a good source of physical exercise and mental stimulation for a balanced dog.

For dogs that are new to the treadmill, we recommend starting out with the 60 minute session, so that you can go over all of the important details with a trainer and slowly introduce your dog to the treadmill. The full hour will be split into understanding the importance of the treadmill, intro to the treadmill and then your dog enjoying the treadmill!

Once your dog is conditioned to the treadmill the 30 minute or 60 minute sessions are available to use the full time on the dog treadmills.


  • $30 for 60 minutes

  • $25 for 30 minutes


  • Anxiety

  • Socialization

  • Physical Exercise

  • Mental Exercise

  • And more...

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