Private Sessions

Private sessions are great for owners looking to address a specific behavior problem. For the first session, we require a 90 minute minimum because there is a lot of information to cover within just sixty minutes. We also prefer the session to be at our training facility so we can control the amount of stimuli needed or not needed. This includes dogs, food, people, kids playing, noises etc. We also like to make sure we have the proper tools necessary for the session. After the initial session, we can look at doing in home sessions if requested. If you have a puppy that is not 100% vaccinated, we will make exceptions and do in home sessions.


Private Training Sessions

Learning our 3 Step Foundation System will allow all clients to start addressing unwanted behaviors and teaching their dogs how to become the best versions of themselves.

Private Sessions can help address all behaviors such as: Anxiety, Leash Pulling, Aggression, Fear, Puppy Behavior, Nervousness, Reactivity, Jumping, Nipping, Flight Risks, and much more.

Single Training Sessions with head trainers

First session is 90 minutes (Mandatory) : $450

All sessions after are 60 Minutes: $300


3 Session Package: $875

5 Session Package: $1400

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