What is your  method of dog training?

Our Dog Training Programs are all based on creating a sound relationship with our dogs through a solid foundation and clear communication. We are NYC's only dog training company that concentrates on real world behavior that gets you real results.

While we understand the value of the vast methodologies of dog training, we do not limit ourselves to any one specific style. Every dog's situation is different and we must adapt our techniques, methods and tools to get rid of the poor habits our dogs are used to, to get the appropriate behavior we are looking for. 

Our company specializes in rehabilitating what are commonly referred to as “problem dogs.” These dogs are usually presenting some combination of aggression, fear, bad manners, obsessive behavior, anxiety, inability to relax, leash pulling, counter surfing, etc. A good trainer can quickly stop these issues in the short term, but the true test for a professional is whether his or her clients can handle their dogs when the trainer isn’t around to guide them.

That being said, we don’t usually shoot for the “quick fix”. Most of the time the dogs that come to us have practiced bad habits for a long time - sometimes years. Our job is to not only eliminate these old patterns, but also teach and drill new behaviors until they become ingrained good habits that alter the way the dog makes everyday choices in life.

Is Blake the only individual working with my dog?

Blake will be the primary dog behaviorist and with his guidance the entire DCTK9 team will be involved in training. Our staff and Blake will be handling the dogs during feeding sessions, pack walks, potty walks, one on one training sessions, treadmill sessions, group training classes and more.

What type of dog training tools do you use?

Tools that we commonly use are, prong collars, haltis, martingales, and remote collars, food, treats. When you learn how to use many tools correctly, you never have to turn a dog away that you can't help. Not all dogs can be helped with only using just treats or food, a specific collar,  a clicker or a just a leash. When you learn how to use numerous tools correctly and efficiently, you never have to turn a dog away that you can't help. We use all humane tools properly and are known for helping any breed, any size, and any problem.

Does Blake travel outside of NYC?

Blake travels the country regularly for seminars and working with clients. 

Will we get to see our dog during the board and Train program?

For most cases this often tends to be counterproductive to the rehabilitation process so we do not recommend this. In some rare cases we may suggest doing a session or two during the dogs stay with us, to start getting the owners acclimated to the new structure and routine. It all depends on the dog's progress.

When is the earliest I can start training with a puppy?

We recommend waiting until 12 - 16 weeks. 

Can you train senior dogs?

Absolutley. It's never too late to start teaching real world obedience.

Do you supply referrals or testimonials?

Yes we do. You can find testimonials from clients on our Website, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and Yelp.

I cannot currently afford your services but desperately need help! What can I do?

Blake puts free content on Facebook, Youtube,  Periscope, Blogs and Instagram pages which allows you to get started without the help of a trainer.

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