I have been to multiple trainers in the past with unsuccessful results. We have been to pure positive only trainers as well as old school heavy handed correction only trainers. Why would your dog training be any different? And what is your method of dog training?

This is often the case with many of our clients. What makes Blake and DCTK9 stand out is their open-minded balanced approach. We do not rely on one method as every case is different. We instead, implement structure and utilize a balanced approach of a variety of different methods and techniques when appropriate. Our structured programs never mask problem behaviors. We never look to label our 'method' as a one way only style of training as this limits the type of dogs and owners that we can help achieve long lasting real world results. Our methods focus on conditioning both the dog and owner for long lasting results in real world everyday situations. Our approach allows us to begin to introduce you and your dog to new experiences together that were never before possible, allowing you to begin to include your dog in activities despite the distractions around you. At DCTK9 we understand dog behavior and always focus on applying structure to our dogs and owners lives that allows for a balanced genuine connection and understanding between human and dog. 

Our Dog Training Programs are all based on creating a sound relationship with our dogs through a solid foundation and clear communication. We are NYC's only dog training company that concentrates on real world behavior that gets you real results. While we understand the value of the vast methodologies of dog training, we do not limit ourselves to any one specific style. Every dog's situation is different and we must adapt our techniques, methods and tools to get rid of the poor habits our dogs are used to, to get the appropriate behavior we are looking for. Not all dogs can be helped with just treats, a collar, a clicker or a leash. When you learn how to use many tools correctly, you never have to turn a dog away that you can't help. We use all humane tools properly and are known for helping any breed, any size, and any problem.

Who will my dog be working with? Is Blake the only individual working with my dog?

Blake will be the primary dog behaviorist and with his guidance the entire DCTK9 will be involved in training. The entire team will be handling the dogs during feeding sessions, pack walks, potty walks, one on one training sessions, treadmill sessions, group training classes and more.

What type of dog training tools do you use?

We do not rely on one specific training tool other than our energy, instincts and body language. We are open to all tools that can be humanely used to help our dog even if a tool might be misunderstood and viewed as a “no-no” by majority. If we can use it without hurting a dog and understand how it could dramatically benefit the rehabilitation process, then we are most likely open to using it. Tools that we commonly use are, prong collars, haltis, martingales, and remote collars. You will also see us use a wide variety of reinforcement and treats including but not limited to food treats. When you learn how to use many tools correctly, you never have to turn a dog away that you can't help. We use all humane tools properly and are known for helping any breed, any size, and any problem.

Does Blake travel outside of NYC?

Blake and the DCTK9 team do travel for their work. He travels the country regularly and also works with clients internationally on occasion. 

Will we get to see our dog during the board and Train program?

For most cases this often tends to be counterproductive to the rehabilitation process so we do not recommend or allow this. In some rare cases this wouldn’t be a problem and we might even suggest offering a session or two during the dogs stay with us.

My dog is aggressive; do you work with aggressive dogs?

Absolutely! When it comes down to it, dog aggression is not the problem but a symptom of the true root an underlying issue. Blake Is an aggression specialist and one of the best in the country at rehabilitating dogs and coaching owners on how to achieve stability by addressing the root of the issue and maintaining it through implementing the appropriate structure.

My dog is fearful and nervous, would your approach be right for my dog and I?

Absolutely! Blake Regularly works with fearful dogs. Dealing with fearful cases requires a true understanding of why the fear exists and why it has gotten worse or why the progress has plateaued. Who better to help than Blake who has dealt with fear head on as his first dog had some pretty intense fear issues that he learned to help him overcome and find confidence along the journey!

My dog is suffers from anxiety, can you help?

Dream Come True K9 can do more than help with anxiety cases of all sorts! Simply put, anxiety only exists in the environment that allows it to. DctK9’s state of mind conditioning and structure helps to teach dogs how to properly overcome the hurdle of anxiety through state of the art confidence building trust and impulse exercises.

Do you supply referrals or testimonials?

Yes we do. On our website not only will you find a list of written testimonials, but you will also find video testimonials from the clients themselves after working with Blake and other members of the Dream Team.

I cannot currently afford your services but desperately need help! What can I do?

In special cases, we can sometimes arrange a payment plan (please contact us for details). If this is in no way feasible, then we suggest checking out our Facebook, Youtube,  Periscope, Blog and Instagram pages which has become a platform and community network for a ton of free advice, inspirational post from Blake, the DctK9 team as well as other trainers, clients, fans and people seeking help from around the world.